Does Goodwill Take Bras?

Does Goodwill Take Bras?

Are you wondering if you can donate lingerie, specifically bras, to Goodwill? The answer is yes, but there are specific guidelines you need to follow. Goodwill, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating job opportunities for individuals in need, has policies in place for donating undergarments to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients.

In this section, we will explore whether Goodwill accepts bras as donations and provide information on their donation guidelines for undergarments. Read on to learn how you can donate lingerie to Goodwill and support their mission.

Guidelines for Donating Bras at Goodwill

Donating bras to Goodwill is an excellent way to support their mission while also getting rid of undergarments you no longer need. However, in order to ensure that your donation is accepted, there are specific guidelines that you should follow.

Types of Bras That Goodwill Accepts

Goodwill accepts new or gently used bras in all sizes, including sports bras, nursing bras, and mastectomy bras. However, they cannot accept bras that are stained, torn, missing hooks or straps, or have damaged underwire.

Cleanliness Requirements

When donating bras to Goodwill, it is crucial to ensure that they are clean and odor-free. Bras that are dirty or have a strong scent will not be accepted. To wash your bras before donating them, use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.

Special Considerations

If you are donating bras that have been worn, it is recommended that you wash them before donating. Additionally, Goodwill suggests that you consider donating new or rarely worn bras to help support those in need.

By following these guidelines, you can donate bras to Goodwill with peace of mind, knowing that they will go to those who need them most.


Donating bras and other undergarments to Goodwill is an excellent way to support their mission and help those in need. By following the specific guidelines that Goodwill has set for undergarment donations, you can ensure that your contribution is usable and appreciated by its recipients. Goodwill is a valuable resource for communities across the United States, and donations like bras and other undergarments can make a significant impact on the services they provide.

If you're interested in donating bras or other undergarments, Goodwill is an excellent option to consider. By doing so, you'll not only be supporting their mission, but you'll also be reducing waste and helping the environment. Remember to follow their guidelines carefully and donate only clean, gently used items.

Thank you for considering Goodwill as a donation option for your bras and undergarments. Your contribution can make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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